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Brand Edit: BAKU

Brand Edit: BAKU

Founded on the beaches of Sydney, Australia in 1969, BAKU began as Bubbles Beach Co, making locally producing swimwear inspired by the Australian beach lifestyle. Even in its early days, their swimwear was all about fit, function, and fashion and the desire to make women feel amazing. These continue to be integral to BAKU today.

BAKU has always been a family affair. As the second generation of this family-owned company, siblings Tamara and Dax Bykerk not only now own the company, but are also behind the brand’s beautiful designs. Crafting each print and silhouette, they aim to bring a piece of the Australian sun and sand culture to the rest of the world.

BAKU is one of the last major Australian swimwear brands that still produces locally, and they are so proud of it! BAKU primarily uses top quality fabrics from across the globe, with an eye on sustainability and strong detail to colours. Uncompromising in quality, they want to give you a garment that will fit you perfectly and function the way it should for a very long time. Their international success is based on their desire to make you feel confident and beautiful.

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