At Melmira, we help women recovering from breast reductions and augmentations, as well as women undergoing a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or reconstruction. For each of these surgeries, it is important to have the proper foundation garment that will support healing. Ideally, women will come in for a fitting prior to their surgery, but we see women at all stages of their journey.

At Melmira, we help our clients prepare psychologically and physically (with appropriate garments) for surgery. Prior to surgery, it is important to have a front closing non underwire bra (with medical grade compression for certain surgeries) for ease of wear (and to increase the rate of healing). Women who will have temporary drains post surgery will also benefit from our drain pouches, which are removable once the drains are taken out.

We believe that information is power, and are happy to set up a consultation with you (and a support person if you choose) in order to prepare you psychologically for surgery. Melmira helps clients prepare for surgery with education on available technologies, government funding, tax benefits, and insurance coverage. We also explain when to come back for a fitting and what to expect along the way.

Once healing begins post mastectomy and/or lumpectomy, it is wise to book an appointment with one of our surgical fitters to begin exploring bras and breast form(s) (if applicable) to suit your unique needs. This fitting can be very healing, as we help restore a positive body image and the importance of getting back to your new normal. Melmira helps clients discover that they can wear beautiful bras and swimwear that make them feel comfortable and confident.

If you are in need of a breast form, we explore different sizes, shapes, and weights at this fitting. It is important to restore balance in the body with correctly fitted bras and properly weighted breast form(s).

Absolutely! Clients benefit from meeting with Melmira before and after breast reconstruction surgery. Post-reconstruction breasts present fitting challenges that Melmira understands and accommodates, which may include; uneven breast size, alignment and depth, scar tissue, nipple concerns and /or position, and general bra fitting challenges. Special expanding breast forms are available for women who are undergoing Expander Reconstruction Surgery.

Every woman has one breast larger than the other. If the difference makes you uncomfortable, Melmira has solutions for you. While not every woman opts or needs this solution, breast forms are available (and covered by the government and insurance) and we are happy to explore options with you at your fitting.

The long-term client relationship continues with Melmira. It’s important to be fitted every year as the client’s body and needs evolve. Melmira offers a holistic approach to surgical clients as the only fitting boutique of it’s kind that supports women throughout all stages of life.

Melmira is not a “surgical-only” boutique, but fits women into surgical and/or regular bras properly with breast form (s) and always caters to a client’s specific needs. Our in-house seamstress sews pockets into no-surgical bras and swimwear to accommodate the clients’ individual tastes and lifestyles.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and are in need of a full or partial breast prosthesis, the provincial government offers funding through ADP, or the Assistive Devices Program. Within a two year time frame, you are entitled to one replacement should your needs change. The government covers $195 for each full breast form, and $105 toward partial breast forms, and every two years you are entitled to a new breast form.

Applicants can find the form online here to apply. This form can be filled out online, or printed and scanned to :

If you are an existing grant recipient who receives payment via direct deposit, you will continue to receive regularly scheduled grant payments. Grant recipients who receive payment by cheque may experience delays.

It is important to check with your insurance provider, and eligibility varies according to policy. Insurance policies always cover the balance of the cost of the breast form, and will cover between 2-6 bras per year. At Melmira, we provide you with the receipts you need to submit to the government and insurance.

At Melmira, we do not charge tax on garments and breast forms purchased, as the government considers them a medical expense. Consequently, should you not have a private insurance plan, you can claim your purchase with your taxes at the end of the year.

Please do not hesitate to call our store or fill out the form above to discuss your personal situation with a surgical fitter. We are here to help!

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