While the importance of bra fitting is a hot topic for women, what really is the big deal?

At Melmira, we believe that it is the foundation of your wardrobe, and defines how you look, feel, and carry yourself through life. While getting a bra fitting can sound “expensive”, we actually believe that if done right, you save money over time as it not only fits much better, but the cost per wear is lower with a properly fitted good quality bra! In this era of online shopping convenience, many women contemplate how to best approach this with their bras. While we believe having an in-person fitting is ideal, here are a few tips that can get you off to the right start:


You cannot define yourself by a size as bras are not all made equal, so understanding sister sizing can help. For example, if you typically wear a 36B, you may also fit a 34C or a 38A depending on the fit of the bra. The principle is based on the fact that the same cup size gets bigger as the back gets bigger.


Unless you plan to gain weight (are pregnant for example), you are wise to begin the life of your bra by ensuring that it sits parallel front to back and is comfortably snug on the loosest hook. Over time, the bra will stretch, and as it does you will be able to tighten the back.


If you find your bra straps are constantly falling off your shoulders, the bra is either too big in the back (and rides up creating loosening and movement outwards in the straps) or you are needing a more centred strap in the bra because of narrow or rounded shoulders. A fuller coverage bra whose strap placement is more centered on the shoulder is a good rule of thumb!


If you are looking to minimize, there are different approaches you can take. While a full coverage smooth cup can minimize projection, it will often give you more circumference and the appearance of fullness with your clothes on. Trying a three part seamed cup is another approach that will give you a longer slimmer silhouette and less roundness in the bust. The French seams don’t often show with clothing (despite what you think) and they work to lift you up and forward in the cup.


Worried about nipples showing? Many women opt for a padded bra in order to get discreetness, but it isn’t always the most flattering shape. Nipple covers or seams are a perfect alternative to padding, and worth a try.

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