Brand Edit: Janira

Brand Edit: Janira

Discover the Spanish brand that has been captivating women for over 65 years - Janira. With a commitment to quality, comfort, and affordability, Janira has become the leading brand in Spain and is now making waves around the world.

When you slip into a Janira piece, you'll immediately feel the difference. Crafted from comfortable and beautiful fabrics, their designs are not only stylish but also easy to wear. But what truly sets Janira apart is their attention to detail and commitment to how you feel in your lingerie.

Exclusive to Janira is their premium 100% cotton baby terry lined gussets in all panties. Unlike other brands that spray or treat their gussets with chemicals, Janira relies on the natural properties of woven baby terry to create an absorbent and wicking gusset. This not only provides exceptional softness but also helps to avoid yeast infections, provides extra absorption, and neutralizes pH levels. And despite them not being period panties, they do provide a little extra protection from leaks.

Janira's signature lace, found in the Dolce Amore and Dolce Cinture collections, is a testament to their commitment to both style and functionality. Soft and sweet, this lace is designed to hold like a belt (cinture in Spanish), ensuring flexibility and comfort. And unlike other laces that ball or pill over time, Janira's lace keeps its shape and doesn't stretch out.

For those looking for a seductive look without compromising on comfort, Janira's Secrets line is the answer. Offering the allure of a thong, these designs provide complete bum coverage and added lift. The special design edge on the legs and bum ensures a 'no mark', seamless effect, while the innovative double knit of lycra prevents any unwanted climbing. And with lightweight, breathable fabric, you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth silhouette all day long.

Experience the magic of Janira and discover why women around the world can't get enough. Shop now and embrace the best quality, comfort, and style at affordable price points. Don't miss out - take action and elevate your lingerie game with Janira today.