Brand Edit: Chantelle

Brand Edit: Chantelle

Chantelle is a Paris-based international design studio and family-owned lingerie business since 1876. They specialize in creating lingerie that is all at once both elegant and strong, delicate but structured.

Their designs are created to celebrate not just the body through beautiful lingerie, but also the individual spirit of every woman who wears it. Going against the grain of fast fashion, their rebellious spirit is reflected in only developing two collections a year, with each product being tested by 200 experts. For over 145 years, they have aimed to create high quality and long-lasting products.

This sustainable approach was taken a step further when they created Chantelle One – the world’s first 100% recyclable and zero waste bra. With circular economy at the core of their strategy, they offer new alternatives to traditional lingerie. By prioritizing recycled or natural fibres, encouraging the use of water-efficient materials,  and partnering with suppliers to develop innovative fibres and materials they constantly aim to commit to more sustainable processes and minimize their impact on the environment.

Through a commitment to innovation they developed Chantelle SoftStretch – a ground-breaking one-size-fits-all panty, and in 2021 launched Chantelle Life period-proof panties made of recycled microfiber, organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and upcycled lace.

Under the ‘by Chantelle’ label are the brands Passionata, Chantelle, Chantelle X, and the Scandinavian brand Femilet. All sharing the same quality and creative spirit, a strong common identity, yet each representing a specific style, telling a particular story, and corresponds to a different price range.

At the heart of their mission is their passion to improve the lives of women, and empower all women by believing that they can make a difference and that ‘Change is a Collective Adventure.’