Sister's Pick - Vitamin A

Sister’s Pick: Relaxing and Reenergizing in Style with Vitamin A

Holly’s Pick – Vitamin A bikinis

My advice to everyone is find a beach at least once a year…

I know how easy it is to make excuses as to why we can’t: kids, work, budget, family, and the list goes on. I’ve done the same! But over time, I have realized that if you really prioritize it, you can make it happen.  It’s no surprise that everyone’s day-to-day lives have their own stressors and expectations. Being able to get away helps you recharge and live that daily routine in a much better mind space. 

Vitamin A bikinis are my go-to this season. They are perfect for both comfort and style. And of course, the perfect bathing suit only makes this necessary beach trip that much better!

Now is the perfect time to see what Vitamin A has to offer! With cruise season kicking off, the fun of seeing all the creative new prints, colours, and styles is finally here! Book an appointment today!



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