Sister's Pick - Anita Sports Bra

Sister’s Pick: My Favourite Sports Bra

Amie’s PickAnita sports bra

I’ve recently found a little more time for myself (at 5:30am in the morning) and have fallen in love with running! Consequently, I’ve also rediscovered my favourite sports bras! If there’s one thing I’ve seen consistently in the fitting room over the years, it’s that women compromise when it comes to sports bras. They either wear their old bras, wear their regular bras because they don’t believe a sports bra will do the trick, or even double up on a tight compression sports bra because they feel they need to! An ideal sports bra, like this Anita sports bra, should give you the support you’re looking for (high and low impact sports bras are made very differently!), be made from a breathable fabric like Coolmax for hygienic purposes, and be fitted and replaced when tired just like a regular bra. Sports bras have come a long way in recent years, and with healthy living being so in “fashion”, it’s more exciting than ever to wear a sports bra.

Ready to get your work out on? Shop Amie’s favourite sports bra, or see what other options there are for the impact/activity level that suits you best! Want a fitting first? Give us a call at 416-485-0576 or book an appointment online.

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