Amie's Pick: Shan Lily-Rose Collection

Sister’s Pick: My Favourite Cruise Collection from Shan

Amie’s PickShan ‘Lily-Rose’ collection

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

With the winter season upon us, we are all busy receiving and organizing all of our incredible cruise collections for our customers! This is my absolute favourite time, as designers are releasing their strongest collections of the season. But of course, the hardest part is choosing what you like best!

For me, I knew it when I saw it. The new Lily-Rose collection from Shan is simple yet sophisticated. The abstract artistry of the watercolour floral print makes the swimsuit just pop with vibrant colour.

Oh, and me? I just couldn’t help but join in the fun with a solid navy full piece from Shan as well. If you’re not a print lover, I understand. Shan’s solid swimsuits are just as beautiful.

Going away for the winter holidays? Now is one of the best times to for the newest swimwear trends! Book an appointment online best times to come in to see all of our wonderful Cruise collections. or give us a call for more information at 416-485-0576.


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