Sister’s Pick: The Scalloped One-Shoulder Marysia

Amie’s PickMarysia Santa Barbara One Shoulder Full Piece


The good news is, we’re finally getting away for our first family beach holiday with our kids! The bad news? I’ve had three babies in seven years and I’m not beach body ready! 

My weakness has always been in my tummy, and wearing a bikini has been doable but not comfortable. I’m sure many of you mothers out there can relate! Thankfully the trend is becoming gentle on women like me (and there are a lot of us!) and full pieces are not only fashionable, but can be very sexy!

Marysia fuses the latest scalloped trend with a feminine one-shoulder classic.

Marysia Santa Barbara One Piece

As an added bonus, and another cool reason to wear Marysia as a mom…it’s designed by Maria Dobrzanska Reeves, a mother of two!

Do you want to pack this stunning Marysia for your next vacation? Contact us or book an appointment online.


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