Sister's Pick - Jet's Jetset Bikini

Sister’s Pick: Feel Sexy and Confident in Your Post-Pregnancy Body

Marnie’s PickJets ‘Jetset’ bikini

I’ve been loving my time here, hanging out at the cottage for the long weekend just five weeks after the arrival of our baby girl. Trying to find the perfect swimsuit for this time is always interesting – I’m ready to get back to life as usual, but my body as undoubtedly gone through many changes, and continues to. Before being pregnant, I always wore triangle bikinis. But now I need something supportive, but still sexy.

This Jets underwire bikini gives me all the support I need with the look of a triangle top. The double lining with a centre seam allows for a plunging neckline and gives me the lift and separation I need, as a nursing mom.

Oh, and the champagne? That’s just the finishing touch. ?

This is for all the moms out there that are going through what I am. Believe me when I say that feeling sexy and confident is not out of reach! Let us help you find the perfect swimsuit for your style and needs. Book an appointment today!


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