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Sister’s Pick: Accessorizing Your Summer With the Perfect Jewelry

Holly’s PickLockett JeweIs

I can always count on our store to find the perfect accessories I need to add finishing touches to my outfits. Whether it’s a simple ring to layer with my other jewelry pieces, or a statement piece like the bracelet photographed above. Following Melmira’s feminine style in many ways, our local friend and designer Nicky Lockett creates a new and unique collection for us every season. Inspired by nature and femininity, Lockett Jewels offers beautifully designed accessories that are all handmade using quality metals and gemstones. These jewels have time after time been the finishing touch I’ve needed to complete my summer outfits, taking me from the lakeside dock to evening dinner.

When you’re shopping for your next beach or cottage outfit, don’t overlook your jewelry! It’s the perfect way to complete your outfit and gives it that extra flare! Book an appointment now, or call us at 416-485-0576 for more information.


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