Sister's Pick - Shan swimwear

Sister’s Pick: A Poolside Swimsuit Outfit from Shan

Amie’s Pick Shan ‘Balnea’ one piece

What a beautiful weekend we just had! Thankfully, my son and I were invited for a swim at a friends pool. While I knew we should wear our suits, I also knew that being an extremely cautious little boy, there was a good chance we would spend most of the time sitting beside the pool instead of in it! Luckily, I was wearing a suit that could phase as an outfit! While I had a nice cover up, sometimes it’s nice to keep as cool as possible in the heat, and I also enjoyed getting a bit of sun for a change!

Sister's Pick - Shan swimwear

This picture captures my delight when he finally decided it was time to venture down the steps! Though we didn’t get far, we felt successful!

My suit is from the Balnea collection, one of Shan’s latest Summer 2017 collections. It’s a classic, with an edge, and the perfect neckline to be transitioned to outerwear in the right environment 😉


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