My Melmira Post-Surgical Experience

Shopping for lingerie and swimwear is always deeply personal, and sometimes daunting, particularly for post-surgical clients. We asked three women to share their real experiences at Melmira, and how they found exactly the right support in more ways than one.


“In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had my first mastectomy. My doctor was the one who told me about Melmira. Back then, having to shop for a prosthetic seemed daunting, but at my first visit I realized how attentive and private the experience was at Melmira. They make you feel like the only one in the shop. My fitter had been through breast cancer herself, so she understood—there’s no better experience than someone who’s been through the same situation. When my breast cancer resurfaced in 2016 and I went to get a new prosthetic, I told one of the owners, Amie, about how I’d started my own motivational speaking and female support business, called High Heal Diaries, as a way of giving back. She was so kind, sympathetic and empathetic, and just made me feel I was on the right path. She’s the reason that Melmira is the place it is. So, what I’d like to share with other women dealing with breast cancer is that there’s no other place you want to go. The team at Melmira will make you feel as beautiful as you want to feel.”



“At 55, I self-discovered a lump under my armpit, and sure enough, I had cancer. After healing from a double mastectomy, I made an appointment at Melmira. And just walking in, I noticed immediately it was different—relaxing, feminine, caring. I knew nothing about breast forms when I went in, but the staff is so knowledgeable, and they take time to understand you. It’s a one on one, and you’re treated like you’re special, but not like you’re ‘strange.’ This is something they do every day. You’re normal—you’re going in for a bra, with some filler. That was huge. That changed my perception, from ‘OK, I’ve got to

get this done’ to ‘Wow, I have choice and someone guiding me.’ It took all that stress away. They can bring you the typical surgical bras, but they also have beautiful, real bras where they can custom-sew pockets for your prosthetic. I’ve never had such pretty bras in all my life. If you’re an active person, you can seamlessly go into the bathing suits as well. And there’s absolutely no pressure. They’re just there to support you. It’s like having a caring sister looking after you.”



“I had been a customer of Melmira’s many years before my mastectomy. Back then I knew it as just a high-end boutique for lingerie and bathing suits. I had no idea they had offerings for surgical clients, too. But after my mastectomy, a girlfriend who had been through it too said, ‘You may only have one breast, but you still want to feel like a woman. This is the place to go.’ So I went to get fitted for a breast form, which I thought would be daunting and even worse than shopping for jeans. I’ve always had an ample bosom and didn’t know how it would go: I thought, I’m going to be off-balance, with the weight and size. But then I met Amie, one of the owners, and she made all the difference. She was most personable, lovely and empathetic. I really trust her expertise. I walked out of there feeling like a new woman. It’s important to know this is a sisterhood of support. It has the appearance of a classy boutique, but once you go in, it feels like family.”













3 Responses to “My Melmira Post-Surgical Experience”

  1. Nicole Bakhit

    You ladies have always been amazing. I’ve been a client for over 20 + years and haven’t bought a bra anywhere else. I have always had a large chest and wanted pretty bras so Melmira was the place to go for a great fit. It is the staff and the way Melmira gives back that keeps me coming back.

  2. Deborah-Ann De Souza

    I have been a customer of Melmira for the past few years. There is absolutely no other store on the planet which offers the expertise and personalized service like Melmira. You are not just fitted for the sake of a sale. The quality of the swim wear, bras, lingerie is the very best. Amie is my fitter. She really makes me feel comfortable, confident and very special. I trust no other store with the most intimate part of my life.

  3. Wanda Day

    I went to Melmira after seeing a segment on the Marilyn Dennis Show. I have breast cancer and am waiting for surgery. I knew, after watching the show, that I should go in as soon as I could, I traveled to their shop to see what I could do/or what they could do to help me. The sales lady was the most caring, informative and truly kind woman. I was very comfortable and learned a fountain of information. I left with a few bras and forms. I had such a good experience I will be sure to share what happened and most definitely return myself. There was never any pressure to make a purchase. The focus was on what to expect and what would be good for me.


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