Our Guide to Swimsuit Shopping While Pregnant

Many women avoid the beach or poolside while pregnant either because they’re self-conscious or simply want to avoid the hassle of swimsuit shopping while pregnant. We’re here to tell you, “enough is enough!” Not only will we make your shopping experience an enjoyable one, but there will always be another body you will try and compare yourself to. But, it is important to focus on yourself and what you love about your body.

So, our first word of advice? Ditch the one piece!

Two piece bathing suits, whether it be a tankini or bikini, is the way to go when you’re pregnant! As a fitter and owner of Melmira, there is nothing more beautiful to me than a pregnant belly in a proper fitted bikini. Not only that, a two piece bathing suit is a better investment. Why? The chances of you wearing the swimsuit after the baby is born is higher.

Warning! Stay away from maternity swimwear collections. These styles tend to be dated and are simply not necessary! Don’t settle for a maternity swimsuit just because you are pregnant and feel that you have no other options.

When you come in for your fitting, keep an open mind. Melmira will guide you to finding the perfect swimsuit for you.



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