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Her Magazine: Running with Boobs

Finding the perfect sports bra isn’t always easy. Much like looking for the perfect running shoes, there are so many factors to take into consideration to ensure that your exercising time is fun and comfortable.

Her Magazine‘s Stephanie Kleiman decided to come see us when she was faced with the difficulty of finding a great sports bra that would support her while exercising.

Before I started running, most of my cardio consisted of spinning and boot camp classes. I was comfortable in a basic sports bra. A few weeks into running, I realized that my current sports bra was not working for me. I had two big issues to contend with (yes, my breasts), but also bounce and chafing were making things uncomfortable.


My boobs were bouncing up and down as I ran and not with the style and grace of Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. Also, the chafing around my bra line was horrible. I was being rubbed raw.


I knew I needed some help picking a bra and I didn’t feel that my local running store or yoga store had the expertise to help me. They were both great with apparel, shoes and assorted gear, but I needed the boob pros, so I decided to visit my go to bra shop, Melmira.

Read all about Stephanie’s Melmira experience finding the perfect workout bra here!


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