Prima Donna Delight Bra

Gift Guide: Top Picks for Valentine’s Day!

We can’t deny that chocolates are delicious. And we agree, flowers are beautiful. But lately, us ladies long for something personal and intimate.

As we get older, we realize that functional gifts are hard to beat! There is no doubt that this Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate love and the loves of our lives, whether it be your partner, husband, wife, mother, sister…or yourself. And, we want to help you do that!

Here are our top picks that are sure to make anyone’s Valentine’s Day a little more special (and personal)!



1. Wish List Item

When women visit our store, they quickly realize that they want more than what they came in for. That’s why I created The Wish List! This is a guaranteed Valentine’s Day gift you know she’ll love – she has tried it on and loves it. Simply call or email us with the customer’s name, and we’ll let you know if she has started a Wish List with us.


Prima Donna Delight Bra

2. Lingerie Set

Because of tradition, many of us go straight to the red lingerie. After all it is Valentine’s Day, so we tend to lean towards reds and pinks. But this year, surprise her with a black lingerie set. Something lacy, sexy, but practical! Black lingerie works with almost any outfit, making this gift perfect for the day of love but also for any other day of the year!


Hanky Panky Elizabeth Robe

3. Sexy Robes, Comfy Robes

Sometimes us ladies just want to spend some “me” time at home, feeling cozy, comfortable, and of course, fashionable. Hanro and b*up have some of the most comfortable cotton robes, but if you think she’ll appreciate something sexy, lacy, or silky, Hanky Panky and Christine Designs are great options as well! AND, right now, enjoy 20% off all nightwear (in-store and online).


Gift Card

4. Gift Card

Sometimes, it is just not that easy to pick out the perfect gift. No matter how well you know someone, tastes change and what they loved yesterday may not be what they’ll love tomorrow! The gift of the Melmira experience is more thoughtful than you may think, and this gives the freedom to your special someone – allowing them to pick out exactly what they love in that moment. Gift cards available in-store, by telephone, and online.


If you are interested in any of the above picks, or have a question, feel free to call us at 416-485-0576 or email us.



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