The Melmira Foundation was created to support a community in an industry that we are passionate about. For every bra we sell, one dollar will be donated to an organization that we have carefully selected.

Thus far, we have donated $17,000 to FEM International, a Canadian organization dedicated to helping women, locally and globally, to grow and succeed in the textile and fashion industries.

FEM International encourages women to use their own creativity and skills, and offers training and resources needed to build fair trade businesses and become fully self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

We are currently supporting:
The Wayuu Project.

The Wayúu are indigenous people inhabiting the Guajira Peninsula, the northeastern part of Colombia. FEM International and Ethik BGC have partnered to work on The Wayuu Project. Providing the Wayuu women with proper education, training, and resources so that they can work towards building a self-sustaining community.


For more information about The Melmira Foundation and The Wayuu Project, send us an email using the contact form.