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Cityline: 6 multi-functional swimwear pieces for every body type

It’s always so much fun working alongside Lynn Spence to outfit this Cityline segment. We’re back with the hottest swimwear and accessories trends for 2018! See below for a full list of featured swimsuits and cover-ups. But first, make sure to watch the episode here!


1st Look

Shan Lilly Rose swimsuit with matching kaftan

Seafolly rose gold beach bag


2nd Look

Karla Colletto Lace-Up swimsuit with Melissa Odabash kaftan

Melissa Odabash Jemima hat

Seafolly silver beach bag


3rd Look

Karla Colletto Smart V-neck swimsuit with Jordan Taylor kaftan

Puffin Gear hat


4th Look

L*Space Solids Hey Girl swimsuit with Seafolly Geo Wrap pants

Puffin Gear hat


5th Look

Shan Lolita swimsuit with Shan Les Essentiels shirt


6th Look

Shan Picasso swimsuit with Melissa Odabash kaftan

Seafolly black beach bag


7th Look

Seafolly Modern Love swimsuit

Puffin Gear hat


8th Look

Melissa Odabash Zuma swimsuit with Seafolly shorts

Seafolly tote bag


For more information on the segment, leave us a comment below or send us an email.

16 Responses to “Cityline: 6 multi-functional swimwear pieces for every body type”

  1. Kathryn Shaver

    Hello I ami interested in the grey wrap pants/sarong style featured on cityline. Can w buy these on line? Do you have all sizes available?

    • Melmira

      Hi Kathryn,

      Unfortunately, it isn’t available for online order at the moment. Feel free to give us a call to order it by telephone 416-485-0576. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • B.B.K.

      Kathryn, I wondered the same thing as I watched the Cityline swimwear episode. In today’s tech driven society,it so dumb to feature a product that you cannot purchase easily online.

    • Melmira

      Hi Mardi,

      These pants are $143 and only come in the black/grey colour. They are currently sold out due to popularity after Cityline, but we can add you to the call list as we are working on bringing more in.

  2. sharon

    When will the Lily Rose bikini top modelled on city line be available?

    • Melmira

      Hi Sharon,

      This style is currently available. All of our swimwear (and most of our lingerie) are available in-store or by telephone order. If you would like to give us a call at 416-485-0576, we can help you further. This bikini is sized 6-12 in both D and E cup.

  3. Lucy

    Hi ~ I am also interested in the wrap pants/sarong style. How much $$
    Thank you

    • Melmira

      Hi Lucy,

      These pants are $143. They are currently sold out due to popularity after Cityline, but we can add you to the call list as we are working on bringing more in.

  4. Carol Lahey

    I would also like to order the sea folly wrap pants. I know the price. Can you tell me the sizes you will be getting in?

  5. Pauline

    Hi – I LOVED all the suits today featured on Cityline. Can you give me the price (or a ballpark) of the bathing suits featured in looks 2, 6, and 7?

    • Melmira

      Hi Pauline,

      Thank you for your interest! We have sent you an email with detailed pricing information.

  6. Deanna

    Hello. Please add me to your call list for the wrap pants featured on Cityline. I believe I would be a size small. Thank you!

    • Melmira

      Hi Deanna,

      We have added you to the list. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will be in touch!

  7. Valerie

    Interested in the price of 6 and 7 before I decide to drive into Toronto to buy them



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