Behind-the-Scenes with Shan Swimwear

Melmira got an extra-special glimpse of behind the scenes at Shan headquarters last summer, with Chantal Levesque, designer and owner of the luxury swim brand. A unique opportunity to chat fit and fabric with the expert herself…

Chantal shared with us her inspiration behind the 2019 collection, reviewing her Classique fits and introducing many new shapes, styles, and colours in both bathers and covers. From her sleek and elegant Far West to her modern and edgy Do You Think I’m Sexy, to her fresh and feminine Pop Art, to her dramatic and artsy Mosaic…not to mention the new solids from the Techno-graph contouring structure collection! It was impossible to choose a favourite, and as usual, we selected several from every group.

Shan’s fashionable style, high-end quality and flattering fit truly make her the best the world has to offer! Sharing a passion for swimwear (and being Canadian!), Melmira feels a very close connection with Shan and loves wardrobing our clients head-to-toe with their pieces!

Merci Beaucoup Shan for all that you do!


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