Monthly Archives: June 2017

Sister's Pick - Jets Encounter Swimsuit

Sister’s Pick: The One-Piece Swimsuit Summer Trend

Holly’s PickJet’s ‘Encounter’ plunge swimsuit

There really is nothing like sipping on a glass of rosé and hanging out poolside on a beautiful summer’s day in the prefect swimsuit.

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Sister's Pick - Seafolly Draped Chambray Maxi Dress

Sister’s Pick: My Favourite Summer Dress From Seafolly

Leah’s PickSeafolly Drape Pocket Chambray Dress

Chillin’ dockside with my pup in my Seafolly Draped Chambray maxi is where I wanna be and what I wanna be wearin’!

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Sister’s Pick: A New Journey into Motherhood

Welcome to the family, Melmira’s newest addition: Taylor Josephine Tommee! 

Marnie here! My Sister’s Pick for the summer is no doubt a journey into motherhood that I know many of our customers have experienced. My appreciation for women and the transition their bodies go through has a whole new meaning.

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