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Sister's Pick - Shan loungewear

Sister’s Pick: I Found Comfort and Fashion with Shan!

Leah’s PickShan jersey loungewear

I am obsessed with my Shan jersey loungewear! Elegant meets comfort with these super lightweight, wardrobe must-haves!

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Sister's Pick - Boob Nursing Bra

Sister’s Pick: Finding the Perfect Nursing Bra

Marnie’s PickBoob ‘Fast Food’ nursing bra

Getting organized for the arrival of your new baby is both exciting and overwhelming. Making sure that you have the right nursing bra will help to ease the transition that your body will go through as you welcome your little one into the world!

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Sister's Pick - Hanky Panky Retro Thong

Sister’s Pick: Thongs After Babies? Why Not!

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Amie’s PickHanky Panky Retro Thong

I always wore thongs. And then I had children and I rediscovered the world of panties! While I would have it no other way, the lack of sleep, body and hormone changes, and the selflessness that comes along with having little dependents running around can be a wee bit exhausting. Right?

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Holly's Pick - Bralettes

Sister’s Pick: The Bralette Fashion Statement

Holly’s Pick – Bralettes

There’s nothing like putting on a bralette. I’m sure some are skeptical, but the best way to explain it is that it’s simply the perfect collaboration of fashion, freedom, and lace. One of my favourites (and seen in this picture) by Simone Perele. Our top priority when hand selecting what we bring in is quality, and when it comes to bralettes, this is no different. They’ve certainly grown in popularity over the past couple years, but not all bralettes (like bras) are not created equal. And keep in mind that most bralettes are not bra-sized, so it is important to get the perfect fit.

So, it’s time to push yourself and indulge in something new. Confidently show off a little lace and make a statement with this feminine and sexy look.

Ready to make a statement? You can purchase a few styles online or visit us in store to try bralettes from all our designers.