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Sister's Pick - Chantelle Strapless Bra

Sister’s Pick: Supportive Strapless Bras

Amie’s PickChantelle strapless bras

Who ever said a strapless had to be uncomfortable?

Okay, so the security of a strap makes sure we’re free of any risky business on the dance floor and gives us the confidence to trust that we are “uplifted”. But in reality, a strap is really only there to hold your bra together.

Yup, you read that right…that’s it. And are you ready for this?

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Amie's Pick - Simone Perele Elles for Valentine's Day

Sister’s Pick: A Special Valentine’s Day Set

Amie’s PickSimone Perele Elles bra with matching panty

I will admit that Valentine’s Day is yet another example of how a traditional holiday can become increasingly commercialized and a popular gift-giving event. Valentine’s Day-themed advertisements encourage spending on loved ones, and extend far beyond that into children’s classrooms…which reminds me that I must get that organized!

While I realize that we’ve lost the true meaning of the holiday, I will humbly admit that it remains my very favourite day of the year! Perhaps it’s because growing up, my father would arrive home carrying a rose for each of his girls on Valentine’s Day, and it just made my heart sing!  Or maybe it’s because I was born an absolute hopeless romantic, and have had the privilege or marrying my match in that category! Sad, but true. But, the most likely and obvious reason is because I just happen to work in the wonderful world of lingerie, an industry that is often connected to the day of love!

At the risk of sounding “sales-y”, and seriously regretting posting a picture of myself in a red bra, I’d like to encourage you ladies out there looking for a way to celebrate love, to give your partner a special Valentine’s surprise – to invest in something extra special for underneath. My personal choice is a red bra with the matching panty, because let’s be honest, while the match isn’t necessary, it’s an extra special touch. Even if it just becomes your best kept secret!

But why did I choose the Simone Perele Elles? With this bra, I’ve found the perfect balance between support, comfort, and beauty. While it’s a little more coverage, I still get the support that I need in a bra. More often than not, I will opt for a fuller cup, so it’s always important that it also be beautiful. And of course, the right shade of red is not only sexy, but the perfect alternative to a nude bra – I can even wear it under my whites!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Holly's Pick - Wrap Up Robe

Sister’s Pick: Cozy in the Softest Robe

Holly’s PickWrap Up Robe

Why wouldn’t I want to spend my evenings, all-year-round, wrapped up in this “make-up” robe?!

One thing that I love is that it provides warmth while weighing next to nothing. It has a dreamy terry cloth lining on the inside and a soft smooth cotton finish on the outside. This robe comes in so many different colours and prints, the options are almost endless. 

Whether it’s early morning coffee or an evening glass of wine, this Wrap Up robe adds comfort to everything I do.

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