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Ask Amie - The Lingerie Stories

#AskAmie: After Breast Cancer…

Last week, Amie spoke with The Lingerie Stories as part of her Ask Amie podcast series.

Tune in as she helps you navigate through the ins and outs of what you need to buy post-breast cancer and how to go about it.

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Prima Donna Deauville in Ruby Gold

Bra Fitting 101: Seams Will Change Your Life

Marie Jo Jane

When we think about our bra “foundations”, most women identify with boring smooth nude bras! Sound familiar? You may have a pretty bra that you wear for special occasions, but your basics are just that…basic! We need to now ask ourselves, do we deserve more than just basic? At Melmira, we believe that you do!

Chantelle Merci Demi Bra

The general consensus for Canadians is to hide our bras. Thankfully, a more European influence has prevailed, and in certain situations, it is more acceptable to show a bit of bra through your clothes or in the way of a strap! After all, everyone knows you’re wearing a bra, right? Alas, now they might know you’re wearing a pretty one! Interestingly, Europeans have always gotten away with this, and they are also the fashion capital of the world!


For those of you who feel you are too “old”, or too conservative, we would love to have the opportunity to prove you wrong! We strongly believe the subtleness of a bra showing can still be classy and appropriate. For us, the point of this exercise is not to try to show your bra, but rather accept it in favour of celebrating the beautiful silhouette that it provides!

Why lace? Fashion! √  Sexy! √ Obvious right? What is less obvious is that the right quality lace actually provides a function as well. Lace and seams lift and distribute the weight of the breast in the cup – they bring our breasts up and forward, without necessarily being pointy when you have the right bra.



Not convinced? Did you know that the right seamed bra will help to define the waist, lengthen the torso, and minimize the whole figure? Need a different perspective? While smooth t-shirt bras have a place in our wardrobe for fitted white tops (I’m still trying to meet a person who wears these) and certain silks, they provide a rounder, wider, lower, fuller shape! Convinced yet?

Another widely believed opinion is that lace is itchy or uncomfortable. These are sometimes the same women who find underwires uncomfortable. The solutions to both problems are in the quality and the fit. Unless you have a synthetic allergy, or are highly sensitive, quality lace and underwire actually allow you a much lighter and more comfortable feel – not to mention a beautiful and feminine look!

Now, we do understand that sometimes in life, words are not enough, and that we have to see it to believe it! While Melmira has always strongly believed in lace and seams, this is a situation where women have to wear it to believe it!

So, how can we encourage this experience? For the month of October, and for the first time ever, we would like to challenge women to come in and buy a lacy seamed bra. With wear, the lace only softens and adapts to our bodies, so it’s so necessary to give it a chance! As an incentive, we will be offering 15% off any bras that meet this criteria (i.e. not a t-shirt bra!).

Warning! This could be life-changing! See you soon!